When coming up with our name we wanted a word that summed up our ethos; our energy; our vision and our sense of humour. RAW – new; natural; powerful; impressive; we knew it was right.


When we approach a piece of work we start with the raw materials and we never forget what they are and where they are used. We design and create work which is honest, with ideas which evolve and change so that it has a true, constant beauty, not contrived or superfluous. Although this approach is not new, we believe it is still much underrated. At RAW we believe this approach has much still to offer and explore.



At RAW the journey is as important as the destination. This can be as simple as using handmade nails in a wooden floor; their heads adding texture and pattern, something normally hidden from view in today's flooring. Sometimes it is exposing the wonderful layers of wood seen in plywood, exploiting the pure beauty that is often overlooked in natural materials. We use natural dyes to age wood, capable of achieving the palest grey, to almost black. These natural dyes are kinder to the environment and kinder to us.


It is also important that what we do is enjoyable, practical, beautiful and individual. We believe that for you to enjoy our work in your home or garden the creative process should also be enjoyable.